Workspace Guide

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Build Better. Build More.

Find new ideas and inspiration that will help you improve your workspace, no matter its size.

our workspace guides will give you tips for...

Work Surfaces

Which surfaces are a good match for your workspace and how you work.

Storage & Organization

Ideas for keeping tools and materials organized and within reach.

Dust Control

Solutions that fit a variety of workspaces and will keep your space tidy while yo build.

Work Environment

Tips for circulating fresh air, controlling temperature, and lighting solutions.

which space is most like yours?

Click the space below that best matches yours for tips tailored to you.

Temporary Workspace

You work in the driveway, on the patio, or move vehicles out of the garage to create temporary space to work on projects.

Get Ideas For My Temporary Space

Shared Workspace

You work in the third stall of your garage or part of a shed and are able to leave many of your tools and tables set up between builds.

Get Ideas For My Shared Space

Dedicated Workspace

You have a larger shop space devoted specifically to building projects.

Get Ideas For My Dedicated Space